Sruthi Sekar

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I am currently in the final year of my Ph.D. at Mathematics Department, Indian Institute of Science (IISc). I did my under graduation from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi, and joined for the integrated Ph.D. program at IISc.

AREA OF RESEARCH: Cryptography

Ph.D. ADVISORS: Dr. Bhavana Kanukurthi (CSA Department, IISc), Dr. Manjunath Krishnapur (Mathematics Department, IISc)

My current research interest includes various topics in Information Theoretic Cryptography like Non-malleable Codes, Randomness Extractors, Leakage Resilient Secret Sharing, Non-malleable Secret Sharing, etc. More recently, I have been working on other areas like Private Set Intersection and Identity-based Encryption.

MY SHORT CV: SruthiSekar_CV



CrySP Lab (326), CSA Department, IISc

Email: sruthisekar[at], sruthi.sekar1[at]